Els petits detalls fan Nadal

Granollers, 2017

  • Client

    Ajuntament de Granollers

  • Categories

    • Campaign
    • Cultural
    • Institutional
    • Poster

The Granollers City Council commissioned us to carry out the 2017 Christmas graphic campaign.

The entire graphic campaign was designed based on the slogan we created “Els petits detalls fan Nadal”.

Christmas is a time of year that brings back emotions, values, and experiences. Days that, starting from small experiences such as the smell of galets that we perceive while grandma serves them to us on the plate, walks down the main street in the company of the people we love, the moment of placing the first figurine in the nativity scene and thinking about where we will place the next one, among many other moments that package one of the best gifts that the year gives us, Christmas.

Based on this conglomerate of memories and moments, this campaign proposal was approached, based on the small details that make Christmas a series of unique days, accompanied by the slogan: Els petits detalls fan Nadal.

A system was established by integrating typography into the illustration, guiding the user from a specific color palette so that each piece would remind them of the others circulating throughout the city.

Designed with Núria Vila