Orval Barcelona

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    Orval Barcelona

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Orval Barcelona is a coffee and Plant Store located next to Parc de la Ciutadella.
En la fase de conceptualización de esta identidad visual se quería plasmar una imagen que transmitiera un espíritu joven, barcelonés y travieso.

In the conceptualization phase of this visual identity, the aim was to convey an image that reflects a youthful, Barcelona-centric, and playful spirit. Orval, which is the name of the coffee shop, is a synonym of stramonium, a plant that can be highly poisonous and also medicinal.

Following this duality of the stramonium plant, the identity is formed from clean typography that is overlaid with graffiti-style lettering.

The idea was to represent in the design the balance we live within Barcelona, and especially in the Poblenou neighborhood, with a rigid and new urban structure that is ‘stained’ by urban art.

Naming and manifesto: Alessandro Uliviri
Letterings: Adrià Batet