El cos per caure

Neus Borrell i Miquel Joan

  • Client

    Segell Microscopi

  • Categories

    • Art direction
    • Cultural
    • Music

Design of the second album by Neus Borrell and Miquel Joan titled “El cos per Caure” from Microscopi label.
In the eight songs that make up the album, music is set to poems by Núria Martínez-Vernis, Jaume Coll, Maria-Mercè Marçal, Guim Valls, Hilda Hilst, or Verdaguer.

For the design of the album, we used a dish that played a role both on the cover and on the back cover. This everyday object referred us to a fragile element, which when it falls, scatters into a large quantity of pieces, it’s a body to fall.

On the other hand, we used a central illustration, emulating a conversation between the two creators of the album.

Project designed by Font&Pont
Illustration: Gala Pont
Photography: Roc Pont