The Miners

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    The Miners

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    • Gastronomy
    • Graphic identity
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Graphic identity redesign for the chain of specialty coffee shops called The Miners.

In this case of redesign, we kept the arrow that had the old graphic identity while changing the typographical environment, comatic range and the use of the graphic system.

The client told us what he was looking for graphically, telling us that he was looking for an identity that was heavier typographically (Bolder) and with a happier look (Happier).

Based on these premises, we used a versatile and shiny system based on a very bold main typeface with few whites and at the same time creating a wide chromatic range that gave it that more friendly and modern point.

In the case of the logo, we included the arrow they already used as the dot of the letter “i”. We also played with the single arrow using it as a branding symbol.

Project designed jointly with Josep Basora.