Urban Talks

VI & VII (2023)

  • Client

    Poblenou Urban District

  • Categories

    • Campaign
    • Cultural
    • Digital
    • Graphic identity

The Urban Talks are a series of itinerant talks aimed at opening a debate with citizens about culture and creativity in relation to the urban environment. Besides being a unique opportunity to discuss art, heritage, economy, technology, or sustainability with professionals.

The sixth edition was called “Artificial Frontier”, a cycle where the debate on the competence of machines in solving challenges and decision-making was addressed, a place that until now was exclusively a challenge for the human mind.

In the seventh edition of the Urban Talks, the question was raised of how innovative projects can be found in an environment characterized by constant competition for attention and audience, where we all are, to a greater or lesser extent, nomads who move between physical and digital spaces.

In these two editions of 2023, we used the fence as the main element of the graphic, another graphic element that delimits spaces of urban transformation in our daily lives.

Motion: Emerson Yashin